Art at IHRSAOur Mission:

To work with organizations within the fitness and wellness industries that are dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives, by helping to develop strategic solutions – based on experiences, credible science and sound business practices – that will allow clients to better serve their members and stakeholders, improve profitability, and ultimately grow their businesses.

Our Values:

  • Integrity – The foundation that everything we do is based on.
  • Teamwork – We are most effective when we can be embraced as part of the client’s team.
  • Collaboration – We always want to work side by side with the client to help find the best solutions for their specific needs.
  • Respect – We treat everyone with respect.
  • Credibility – Our recommendations will always be based on the best available credible science, sound business practices, and our years of experience.
  • Results – We are committed to helping our clients achieve the best possible results for their stakeholders.